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Running your first 5km

One week to go before your first 5km race. It can be daunting, the thought of all those people lined up at the start. Surely everyone else is super fit and will be off like Mo Farah? Worried that you are going to get left behind like the guy who decided to crawl the London Marathon?


Well, don’t worry.


Firstly, 5km is pretty achievable for most people with even a basic level of fitness (assuming that you have no health issues stopping you from running). To give you an idea, 5k is about the distance from Finchley Central to Hampstead, or from Edgware to Hendon Central (as the crow flies), which you could probably walk in an hour.


And in fact, that's my first training tip: It’s OK to WALK. Walking is exercise, too. And it’s a perfectly good way to build up to running any distance. So, if the furthest you have ever run is 2km or 3km, then I’m pretty sure you can run/walk your way up to 5km.


My second training tip: Don’t crawl.


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