News & Training Tips - Charity Tuesday


It’s the final #CharityTuesday before the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run! If you haven’t registered yet, take a look at the final 9 charities involved!



The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women has a membership of over 4,000 individuals who served in the British Army, either during or after the Second World War. AJEX focuses on 3 main areas: remembrance for the sacrifices of the past, help for those in need in the present and education for the future. 


Beit Halochem UK          

Beit Halochem UK supports the rehabilitation and raises awareness of Israel’s wounded veterans and improves their quality of life. Today, more than 50,000 members are given a new lease of life at their facilities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer Sheva. All centres have an array of exceptional rehabilitative services and serve as a comfort where members feel supported and not alone.



Chana supports Jewish couples who experience infertility and ensure they are not left to deal with this alone with no support. They help couples cope with the challenges of primary and secondary infertility as well as other reproductive health issues. They aim to help many more couples in their quest to have the family they long for. Chana provide a confidential helpline, individual and couple counselling and events throughout the year.



Jami is the mental health service for the Jewish community. Jami now helps over 1200 people each year. They focus on recovery, moving from lack of control and autonomy to becoming an active member of Jami, the Jewish and wider community by taking responsibility and having control over their own life. Jami assist people on this journey and offers support in a number of different areas including living, recovery education and social support.



Jnetics (Jewish Genetic Disorders UK) has an ambition to make a real difference to the prevention, diagnosis and management of Jewish Genetic Disorders. For a vast majority of Genetic disorders, there is no cure, however because of scientific developments, it is now possible to greatly improve their prevention and management. Jnetics raises awareness of these disorders and helps anyone affected and at risk to access the best information, services and support available.


London Jewish Family Centre

The London Jewish Family Centre offers pre-school developmental activities, Sunday nd Holiday Fundays, summer camps and after school activities. The centre works with other organisations to help anyone during difficult itmes. They provide therapy, counselling, advocacy and legal guidance for families in crises. Additionally, they have a Single Mum Group which gives women a place to turn to when faced with the breakdown of their marriage or a bereavement.



ORT UK is the British Arm of World ORT which is the largest Jewish education and training non-governmental organisation in the world. They provide skills and knowledge that empower students to become contributing members of society. ORT primarily focuses on promoting technology education which enables young people to find work and develops their Jewish identity to assist communities to expand and thrive.


Phone and Learn

Phone and Learn (PaL) is a unique telephone-based Jewish learning programme which is committed to fostering the unity amongst Jews of all backgrounds. PaL matches Jews who want to know more about their heritage with a friendly, knowledgeable tutor for an hour a week of Jewish study and discussion either over the phone or through Skype. PaL supports the nature of these learning partnerships and is a flexible, free Jewish learning opportunity.



Secondary1st want to put secondary breast cancer first, at the top of the list. This is a disease that affects women and men everywhere, not just the cancer patient but their entire family. Finding a cure means that people will have more days doing what matters most. Their objectives are funding research and raising awareness.