News & Training Tips - Charity Tuesday


With less than 12 days to go, we take a look at the fantastic work these 8 charities do!


Do you want your charity to be involved? Contact Neil Taylor at Maccabi GB on 020 8457 2333 or neil@maccabigb.org 



AKIM is the largest provider of programmes and services for the intellectually disabled. They serve 34,000 children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens throughout Israel. AKIM believes that every individual deserves to have rich, fulfilling lives whether or not they have an intellectual disability. They believe that everyone should have access to education, housing, employment and leisure activities.


UK Friends of Schneider Children Hospital

The UK Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital has supported this Medical Centre of Israel since 1992. The organisation raises funds for construction, acquisition of medical equipment, research grants, special projects and programmes. Financial resources are needed to ensure that the hospital remains on the forefront of medical achievement and responds to the special needs of young patients.


J Roots

JRoots organises inspiring, meaningful and educational journeys to destinations including Poland, Eastern Europe, Israel and Morroco with tailor-made itineraries. Every trip explores Jewish life in the context of the given desitnation and provides Jewish Journeys to places of Jerish Heritage. They are designed to engage with Jewish History.



Langdon has a strong desire to enable Jewish people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. They do this by providing members of their community with places to live and supporting them to find and secure work and socialise as a community within their local community. Their goal is to ensure that the young people they support have the same opportunities as their peers so they can experience the satisfaction that comes from a good day’s work and the chance to enjoy a full social life.


March of the Living

The March of the Living is an international, educational programme that brings Jewish people from all over the world to Poland on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest concentration camp complex built during World War 2. The mission of the March of the Living is to challenge a new generation of Jews with the Holocaust to allow them to educate their peers about the Holocaust and to fight those who deny its history.


PJ Library

PJ Library sends free Jewish childrens books to families across the world every month. They understand the connection and magic when parents sit down together to read with their children and PJ Library encourages this. They share Jewish stories that can help connect families so they are able to talk together about values and traditions that are important to them.



Resource is a free and confidential out-placement service for unemployed members of the Jewish community. Their team of over 50 professional HR and business experts provide practical and effective advice and support to over 400 people per year. They support you in different ways including helping you meet challenges of returning to work, offering one-to-one practical advice and helping you build your CV.


Shabaton L’menucha

Shabaton L’menucha supports the lives of children and young adults with physical, emotional and learning disabilities and their families. It is geared towards children and adults iwht moderate to severe disabilities and their aim is to give their participants a better chance in life. Shabaton L’menucha run regular weekend retreats as well as local events (e.g. concerts, sports) for their participants.