News & Training Tips - Charity Tuesday


With less than 3 weeks to go, we take a look at the fantastic work these 9 charities do!


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Youth Aliya Child Rescue

Youth Aliyah’s history goes back 80 years to Berlin, when, on 30th January 1933, a cold, grey Monday in Berlin, Hitler took over the reins of power. Not far from the city’s Nazi headquarters, Recha Freier, a woman of determination and Zionist passion created the organization that would, a few months later, be called “Youth Aliyah,”. In the course of the harrowing years that followed Youth Aliyah saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children by bringing them to Palestine and Great Britain.

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Paperweight helps take control of your financial, legal and administrative affairs. They do this by working with trained experts who will listen to your problems and support you. They make it clear that they understand that each case is different. Their team provides a wealth of experience and expertise with professionals in all major fields of law, accounting, finance, welfare, social and advocacy. They then work with you to find a resolution to your problems.

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Nicki’s Smile

Nicki was diagnosed in March 2009, but in November 2007 Nicki complained of such severe back and abdominal pain that she was referred to A&E. Tragically, these early warning signs were missed by the medical professionals. With improved early diagnosis Nicki could still be alive today.

Nicki’s Smile’s vision is to be a catalyst for improving pancreatic cancer life expectancy and survival rates. Funding research and early diagnosis initiatives can make this a reality. Nicki’s Smile is already making a difference having funded two pioneering early diagnosis research projects.

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Larches Trust

Larches Community was created out of our deep concern for who would provide a supportive family home for our children beyond our lifetimes. People with a learning disability represent a section of the community that enjoys few privileges, who experience social discrimination and are generally undervalued and underestimated by society. Most are socially excluded, with few chances to develop their individuality or to contribute their skills to the community.

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Jewish Blind & Disabled

A diagnosis of disability can feel like a sentence to a life of dependence and consequent loss of self-worth. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only Jewish charity dedicated to enabling people who have physical disabilities or impaired vision to live independently with the dignity and choice that are so easy for others to take for granted.

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GIFT is a grassroots organisation whose mission is to make a measurable difference by encouraging, educating and promoting a culture of giving and volunteering amongst young people.

GIFT aims to create a new generation of activists, volunteers and supporters for all charities. It is active in over 50 schools, cheders and youth clubs, teaching ‘giving’ in a practical way. GIFT inspires and encourages children to give one of their new birthday presents to the less fortunate, and providers tailor-made volunteering opportunities for children.

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Camp Simcha

Camp Simcha exists to improve the quality of life of children suffering from Cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Our mission is to ensure that no such child, anywhere in the UK, has to suffer without us.

Their support extends to children from 0-18 years of age, with any form of cancer or any other condition that represents a threat to life. These conditions include muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, many rare genetic conditions, serious heart conditions and uncontrolled seizures.

Camp Simcha’s unique in that they provide 24/7 support to families who have the heart ache of dealing with an ill child.

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Aish UK was created in 1993 to offer inspiring and relevant Jewish education and experiences for young Jews in the UK.

They believe that when we stop judging others and start listening, then people are willing to ask, to debate, to share and to engage. They  also believe that the Jewish tradition is not only deep and fulfilling, but also relevant, engaging and compelling to the young person today.

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