News & Training Tips - Charity Tuesday


This #CharityTuesday, take a look at 5 charities who are all involved with the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run this year!


Do you want your charity to be involved? Contact Neil Taylor at Maccabi GB on 020 8457 2333 or neil@maccabigb.org




1)      Jewish Care


Jewish Care is the largest provider of health and social care services for the Jewish Community within the UK. They currently help and support 10,000 people per week and provide a range of different services including for older people, holocaust survivors, people with MS, Parkinsons, dementia (and more). They ensure the people that they help can also stay well connected within the Jewish Community. Additionally, Jewish Care provide youth leadership opportunities and half term schemes to involve a wider audience. Jewish Care is an umbrella organisaiton and has links with a number of different charities to ensure they maintain high quality care within the community.




2)      All Aboard


All Aboard Shops Ltd are a chain of charity shops where all items are donated. Their aim is to raise funds for over 60 UK Registered Charities. All the charities that All Aboard supports work with vulnerable children, students, the disabled, victims of abuse, service veterans, senior citizens and patients and their families. All funds that are raised through the All Aboard charity shops are then passed on to the charities which they work with. Additionally, donations help provide hospital equipment, outings and respite care for terminally ill children, research projects, learning programmes and residential care for the elderly.




3)      Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind


The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind improves the quality of life of over 250 blind people by providing them with safe mobility, independence and self confidence through the faithful assistance of guide dogs. The charity started in 1991 and since then has promoted its one objective of helping blind people in Israel to achieve independence and mobility through the use of guide dogs. This will help blind people lead a more independent and as normal a life as possible. Training costs for a guide dog are approximately $25,000 and the blind person receives the guide dog, instruction and regular home visits during the working life of the dog at no charge.






4)      Jewish Childs Day


Jewish Childs Day is a grant making charity which to this day, has saved over 12,000 Jewish Children from deprivation, disadvantage, abuse and neglect. Jewish Childs Day nurtures them and offers them a better future. Through grant funding, Jewish Childs Day also supports organisations providing medical, educational, therapeutic and humanitarian aid, respite care, protection and poverty relief to children in need, worldwide. At Jewish Child’s Day, they believe that no child should live in poverty, need or suffering anywhere in the world and therefore they rely on grant funding to continue their work.




5)      Step by Step


Step by Step provide out of school opportunities for disabled children from the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Barnet. Currently, Step by Step enriches the lives of over 100 children and this is done through sport and leisure after school sessions, Holiday schemes, residential holidays and weekends and a Sunday club. Step by Step is a parent led organisation with deep community roots. It has become a trusted service within the Jewish community and  Step by Step continues to provide fun and enjoyable programmes for disabled children.