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ZAKA is the only Israeli organisation with the capability to attend any disaster, be it an accident on land or sea.  In 2016 ZAKA responded to more than 23,500 incidents in Israel and abroad.  ZAKA’s 3,000 plus first responders had the equipment, training and coordination required to carry out their life-saving and life honouring work, including the well documented fires that raged across the country towards the end of the year as well as attending to numerous road accidents, suicides, and terror attacks wherever and whenever required.


ZAKA is regularly voted in the top two respected and beloved organisations in Israel after the IDF, and is regarded as an Emergency Service in the same way as the police, ambulance and fire service.  ZAKA’s uniqueness is that it covers all of these services.

ZAKA’s work internationally has included rescue missions all over the world including Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti the U.S and more.