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Yavneh Primary School is a modern orthodox Jewish school that welcomes children from across the community. Our two - form entry school aims to nurture individuals and provide outstanding learning opportunities that will stretch and stimulate every child, enable them to reach for outstanding progress goals and be prepared for the demands of living and working in a rapidly changing technological world.


Yavneh Primary School is part of the 'Yavneh family' and is built on the Yavneh College Campus. Yavneh College is an outstanding school, which has established itself as one of the highest performing schools in the country with excellence in teaching and learning and outstanding pastoral care at the core of its provision. Yavneh Primary School places the same emphasis on the importance of a love of learning and the centrality and care for others.


At Yavneh Primary School we nurture individuals who have high expectations of themselves, respect others and fulfil their true potential. Our pupils are offered an oustanding education through excellent teaching, tracking, interventions and spiritual, moral and cultural opportunities. We aim for all of our pupils to develop a love of learning, enjoy their education, achieve academic excellence and be proud of their beliefs, heritage and communities.


These aspirations underpin our curriculum in all subjects and are reflected in the 'Yavneh Way' (our universal moral code) and the school motto which is "Olam Chesed Yibaneh - A World Built on Kindness". The Mission and Vision statements of Yavneh Primary School are aligned to the ethos of Yavneh College. The four main elements are: respect, kindness, politeness and courtesy.


Our values and vision drive the choices and decisions we make to ensure our pupils' experience of school is exceptional and every pupil is supported to make the greatest possible progress and achieve their maximum potential.


To find out more go to www.yavnehprimary.org or www.yavnehcollege.org