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Sulam, an Israeli non-profit organisation is committed to helping children with disabilities achieve their maximum functioning potential through extensive support and integrated therapies, with the ultimate goal being their successful integration into society.


With over three decades of experience, Sulam has grown into a leading network of schools and therapeutic centers, serving annually cloes to 600 children between the ages of 6 months to 17 years and employing hundreds of fully trained professionals staff members. With Mrs Esti Ernster at the helm, Sulam overseas 12 branches across Israel operating 77 classes with six more classes due to open this autumn. Apart from being a service provider, Sulam actively advocates on behalf of its children, working to bring budgetary improvements and legislative change in the field of special education, Sulam is held in high regard by the Ministries of Health, Education and Welfare who regularly turn to us seeking placement for some of the most difficult and complex cases.

Caring for children with disabilities presents many challenges. At Sulam we believe it is possible to overcome these challenges and are committed to helping our children create a stable foundation on which they can build an independent fulfilling future. Sulam is committed to finding creative solutions and offers dozens of therapeutic programs and treatments for our beneficiaries. Our leading program, Learning to Talk, Talking to Learn, uses a specially programmed iPad or communication device that encourages communication and provides vital assistance for children who have not yet developed communication skills. We are also proud of our in-house hydrotherapy pool that is used by hundreds of children annually, and of course offer the more widespread therapies such as speech, physical, occupational, music etc.

We invite you to learn more about Sulam by visiting our website at www.sulamisrael.org or even better coming to visit us in Jerusalem the next time you are in Israel.

Please consider running for this important cause, and please stop by our booth at the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run. Looking forward to meeting you!

Contact details: Suzy Lieberman / suzy@sulamisrael.org / +972 50 345 7899