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Sinai Jewish Primary School

Sinai school vision statement

Sinai school continually strives to provide the best academic and Jewish education and development opportunities for all, through the highest quality teaching and a dynamic curriculum. We aim to instil a commitment to modern orthodox Judaism and love of our Jewish ethos, culture and the State of Israel. We strive to develop our pupils as responsible individuals to be confident, articulate, caring and enthusiastic and to foster respectful behaviour, tolerance of others and awareness of the wider world. We hope when they leave Sinai they will have a passion for learning, be a credit to themselves, their parents and the school and be happy, and proud of their Jewish and British cultures and heritage.


At Sinai School, our aim is to establish a school community based around modern Orthodox Jewish values and ethos, aligned with the United Synagogue.

We strive to provide both Academic and Jewish Educational Excellence, and seek…

  • To ensure excellence of secular and Jewish education through high quality, formidable subject teaching alongside equally challenging cross-curricular studies.
  • To encourage a positive Jewish ethos and culture, coupled with communicating and demonstrating a positive attitude towards the State of Israel.
  • To provide coordinated secular and Jewish studies where teaching staff embody the educational principles of not only what is taught, but how it is taught so that it inspires the children’s lifelong passion for learning.
  • To deliver a dynamic, forward thinking curriculum that is subject to periodic review, in response to national and global change.
  • To provide opportunities for all. Focussed support for those with Special Educational Needs and opportunities for gifted and talented children so that every child reaches their full potential.

Our parents are partners in supporting the children’s learning and school ethos at home
Children who are a credit to themselves, their parents, the School and the Jewish Community

Respectful and responsible behaviour based around the Five Golden Rules:

  1. Value yourself
  2. Respect other people
  3. Show self-control
  4. Appreciate our school environment
  5. Look after your own and the property of others


 Social and Wider Community

  • We promote a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing.
  • We ensure positive social and emotional development of the children.
  • We are proud of our Jewish and British cultures and heritage.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Respectful to and understanding of the cultural diversity of the wider community.

A Safe and Secure School environment

Our school embraces the principles of Every Child Matters, namely: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.
Our school will provide a safe and secure environment for children to learn and excel to the best of their ability.
We will consistently administer a balanced approach to discipline that not only manages inappropriate behaviour in a fair, just and reasonable manner, but also recognises and celebrates positive conduct and action.
We will provide extended learning and development opportunities through varied extra-curricular activities and clubs.
We will provide and develop excellent facilities including IT, Music, Art and Sport.
We will actively involve parents within the school community on matters including social, learning and fundraising activities.
The Governing Body will support the ethos and vision of the school through providing sound governance to assist with its on-going development.