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Rimon Jewish Primary School


Rimon Jewish Primary School is an exciting, local community, faith school that welcomes children from across the community. The school prides itself on being inclusive and having the values of Chesed (kindness and tolerance) at its heart. Rimon is very committed to children of all abilities providing a strongly nurturing environment as well as an organised support programme with additional needs. 


We offer both educational and emotional support to children and their families including on-site Speech and Language Therapy as well as the avialability of professional play therapy and counselling in school for those who require it.

Rimon is currently developing an inspiring curriculum, steeped in awareness of and engagement with the modern world around us whilst prioritising excellence and achievement, inclusiveness and diversity, as well as supporting the development of the children's moral responsibility and pride in their heritage.


Jewish Heritage: Imbuing the children's love of Jewish life, their knowledge and connection with Israel as well as pride in their Jewish identity.

Excellence and Enjoyment: Inspirational secular and kodesh training, motivating all children to love their learning and reach their full potential.

Wisdom: Learning from significant people and events, past and current, that influenced history and shape our modern world.

Respect: Learning about and valuing the rich diversity of different people, faiths, cultures and abilities.

Chessed and Tzedakah: Understanding our responsibility and obligation to value and assist those less fortunate than ourselves, making a positive contribution to British and Jewish society.

Tikkun Olam: Appreciating our role in protecting, preserving and sustaining our planet and natural resources.

Pride: Promoting the children's physical and emotional well-being, so developing their resilience, confidence and self-esteem.


To find out more go to www.rimonschool.org.uk