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Rambam Sephardi Synagogue


Our small but dynamic Rambam Sephardi Synagogue is in Elstree & Borehamwood, the largest Jewish community in greater London.



 We’re comprised mostly of young families whose ancestors lived across North Africa, South Europe and the Middle East. We’re an independent synagogue and a registered UK charity

Our mission is to celebrate and carry forward a Sephardi warmth and spiritual approach to life and religion. We’re building on the foundations of the rich experience, traditions and cultural-diversity of our past – to ensure continuity for future generations.

We’re known to be warm, welcoming, non-judgmental, religiously-open and tolerantly Orthodox, a unique ‘community’ in our wide embrace.

Our key objective is to provide a nurturing atmosphere, ensuring our families, and especially our children, develop a healthy understanding of their Sephardi traditions as well as a respect for those who come from different backgrounds.

We provide regular weekly religious services, monthly communal events and adult-education to members and the wider public as well as pastoral care.

We’re experiencing an inflow of younger, newly arriving families and with your support, we’re gearing up to receive them, to help them settle and integrate smoothly.

Help us anchor Rambam Sephardi into the Jewish fabric of Anglo-Jewry.