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Nicki's Smile

Nicki’s Smile was set up as a Fund of Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of Nicki Blake, who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in November 2010. Nicki was just 33 and left behind her devoted husband Dan and 3 year old son, Joshua.


Nicki was diagnosed in March 2009, but in November 2007 Nicki complained of such severe back and abdominal pain that she was referred to A&E. Tragically, these early warning signs were missed by the medical professionals. With improved early diagnosis Nicki could still be alive today.

Pancreatic cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK yet receives just 1% of research funding. Over 8,000 people are diagnosed every year and less than 3% survive more than five years.

Nicki’s Smile’s vision is to be a catalyst for improving pancreatic cancer life expectancy and survival rates. Funding research and early diagnosis initiatives can make this a reality. Nicki’s Smile is already making a difference having funded two pioneering early diagnosis research projects.

For more information please visit www.nickissmile.com