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Migdal Emunah

Migdal Emunah is the only independent non-profit charity established in recognition of the need within the Jewish community for support and assistance to victims and families of those affected by child sexual abuse & sexual violence. While people become more aware of this subject through media attention both within and outside the community, the need for greater education on this challenging and often difficult subject matter needs to be encouraged and developed.


Our objective is to educate and change the public perceptions and attitudes of the very real problem within all denominations of the Jewish community and helping those affected. It aims to improve the well being of victims of sexual abuse & violence, most notably sexual abuse victims of a young age who have been left to deal with this trauma alone and with no recourse of help or support within their community. Due to the neglect in help available these victims often grow up into young adults facing the same challenges years later.


Migdal Emunah aims to reduce and eventually eliminate isolation and distress, from the impact of childhood sexual abuse & sexual violence with particular sensitivity to the needs of the Jewish Community.


Migdal Emunah offers a range of quality services underpinned by an ethos of equality, we recognise the sensitivity of handling these painful situations, and provide support services through these difficult and challenging times with confidentiality, respect and professionalism; these are essential characteristics of an effective service needed.


To find out more go to www.migdalemunah.org.uk