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Founded on the belief that everyone has the right to choose their own path in life, Mavar seeks to alleviate the distress experienced by those who feel unable to live authentically within the charedi world. Our core mission is to empower those disaffected individuals to fulfil personal goals, support their efforts to achieve independence and minimise the obstacles they may encounter as they explore options to live, work or study in the modern world. Mavar's ethos and practice is guided by principles of confidentiality, non-coercion and impartiality.


Support is offered principally through a personal mehtor who, having been carefully matched to a new caller (known as a 'member'), provides a safe and confidential space to discuss the member's needs and aspirations. Together they set short and long-term goals, and explore potential pathways to reach those goals. The mentor provides a caring ear as well as bespoke information and guidance (not direction), networks and referrals. Before contacting Mavar, callers will have already maed their own decision to change something in their life, and the mentor continues to encourage independent decision-making. Sometimes a team approach is required to cover the complex needs that we encounter. In addition to the personal mentors, Mavar offers low cost counselling support (£5 a session) to help manage the overwhelming emotional issues that will inevitably be encountered, such as loneliness, anger, guilt and confusion. Beyond these core teams there are specialists we can call on to provide free advice on education, career guidance, employment, welfare, business development, family law, immigration law etc. We also have volunteer maths and English tutors who provide regular lessons at £5 a session.

We work alongside and refer members to existing charities and organisations such as Resource, Work Avenue, Jewish Women's Aid, Gateways, Norwood, Moishe House, Paperweight etc.

Members often struggle with their evolving new identity as well as the loss of family, friends and community so Mavar aims to support cultural and social integration by offering discreet hospitality and buddying opportunities. For members who are open to meeting other members, Mavar organises occasional special events such as a summer picnic or a fun get-together at Moishe House.

In just 4 years of operation we're proud to have supported over 50% of our members into education, with several now in the midst of university degrees in London and beyond. One female member has just received a first class honours in Accountancy and another completed his masters degree in Audiological Science last summer.

To find out more go to www.mavar.org.uk