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Enhancing children, Enhancing futures and Encouraging all - Your Fundraising Can Continue Our Vital Work.


The Malki Foundation was founded in 2001 by Frimet and Arnold Roth to honour the memory of their 15 year old daughter Malki, murdered in a terrorist attack in the heart of Jerusalem. Since its establishment, the Malki Foundation has been a source of empowerment for families choosing home-care for their child with severe disabilities. The Foundation believes nothing is better for a child with disabilities than living at home, and no caregivers or other advocates can do a better job than the family. Non-sectarian and apolitical, the Malki Foundation gives support to every part of Israel's society via two channels: providing paramedical therapies and lending of homecare equipment.




Israel has approximately 65,000 children with severe special needs and since our establishment in 2001, Malki Foundation has been Israel's dominant source of empowerment for those families who choose homecare. We have alleviated physical and financial hardships for more than 4,000 families, facilitated about 40,000 hours of paramedical therapies and more than 3,000 equipment loans.


We get daily requests from families asking for help and we are just not able to help everyone.


By taking part in the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run for Malki Foundation, you can help us to provide more of the essential support and services that can change lives. By choosing to support Malki Foundation in this way, you can help us to make sure that the children receive necessary therapy and equipment they need to live an independent life.


To find out more go to www.facebook.com/keren.malki/