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Little Bicks Nursery 

Little Bicks Nurseries provide a modern orthodox Jewish education that welcomes children from across all community. All 3 of our Little Bicks nurseries provide outstanding learning opportunities that will encourage every child through our doors to develop, learn and reach the best of their abilities. We ensure they start their journey in life with an environment that is a home away from home.


Little Bicks is a Jewish Nursery School that has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our surrounding Jewish communities. Our well-trained, caring practitioners create a high quality exciting environment, which is safe and stimulating.


Little Bicks nursery gives excellent care for all children and their families, we provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities, based on every-day life skills.


Little Bicks teaches every child to love and respect themselves and their peers around them, to look after each other and provide them with different tools to help them grow into independent, well rounded and ready for the next steps of life.


We pride outselves on providing a Jewish based core curriculum, incorporating secular studies into the syllabus. Each and every child in our setting is valued for who they are and we integrate Special Weeks to plan for the individual child.


We strongly believe that children at this young age learn through play, and we consider ourselves to be the conduit to ensure that play is as fun and educational as possible, continuously applying the child's choice.


Our children are offered an outstanding education through excellent teaching, tracking and monitoring of development, spiritual, moral and multi-cultural opportunities.


At nursery, we learn from every single experience we have and how important it is to give back to our community.


Our children are aware of what charity is and what it means and how important it is to help other people around us.


We have twinned our fundraising with the Charity Chana. Chana is a Jewish charity which supports couples who are dealing with all different types of fertility issues.


We have done many different fundraising in the past for them, and have chosen Chana because children are at the heart of everything we do, we believe that there is no greater pleasure than watching all children grow and develop and we think that every person has a right to be a parent and enjoy these treasured moments.

To find out more go to www.littlebicks.co.uk

To find out more about Chana Charitable Trust go to www.chana.org.uk