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Run for Israel's future with JNF UK. 


JNF UK is Britain's oldest Israel charity and has been committed to building Israel and securing its future since the days of the Second Aliyah.


Our current focus is to support the people living in Israel's underdeveloped peripheries. From improving education and welfare to boosting employment and healthcare. JNF UK works on projects aimed at improving all areas of life for Israelis of all ages.


We have planted some 240 million trees; built more than 210 reservoirs and dams; developed over 250,000 acres of land; created more than 1,000 parks and provided crucial infrastructure and humanitarian support to over 1,000 communities.


David Ben Gurion saw the development of the Negev as Israel's greatest challenge, a challenge that would define its future. Israel's destiny would only be secure, he foretold, when millions of Jews would call the desert home.


JNF UK shares this vision. Our strategy is to support projects that will not merely improve the lives of those living in the peripheries of Israel but create reasons for people to settle there. As such, bringing employment, education and better health care to the region is our priority.


Infrastructure is more than roads and power stations. If a new generation is to make its home in the peripheries of Israel it must feel that it is able to build fulfilling lives in the desert. JNF UK is at the forefront of this mission.


To find out more go to www.jnf.co.uk