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Jnetics is the only charity that is dedicated to improving the prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders in the UK.


Our activities focus on 3 core areas: awareness-raising, signposting the best available information, services and support, and facilitating access to responsible genetic screening options.

Jnetics was established to raise awareness in the Jewish community and among healthcare professionals, and to help those affected and at risk access the best available information, services and support.

We are also dedicated to facilitating access to responsible genetic testing service and have established the first and only community screening programme for a group of severe genetic conditions that disproportionally affect Jewish people.

Jnetics has recently launched the GENEius programme; a pioneering education and screening initiative targeting young Jewish adults in 3 main groups; sixth form students, university students, and couples going through the synagogue pre-marriage process.

GENEius aims to eliminate the birth of children in the UK Jewish Community with any of nine preventable severe life-shortening recessive JGDs; and to improve awareness and management of the risks associated with hereditary BRCA-related cancers that also disproportionately affect Jewish people.

Find out more about the GENEius programme www.geneius.org

Our services are available to everyone in the community. We provide information impartially, empowering people to explore management and prevention options that best fit their individual circumstances and beliefs.