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Jewish Volunteer Network

Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) is a voluntary organisation created to support, promote and develop Jewish Volunteering in the UK.


JVN helps match volunteers with volunteering opportunities across the community.

The concept of the Jewish Volunteering Network started when one of the founding members decided she had spare time on her hands and would like to volunteer but did not know where to start. It occurred to her how much easier it would be to have a portal where all Jewish charities could promote their volunteering vacancies. Since its inception JVN has grown into a source of information for charities and volunteers alike and actively promotes volunteering in the Jewish community.

Our strategic objectives are:

To bring volunteers and volunteering opportunities together by providing a “one-stop shop” experience of volunteering vacancies. Potential volunteers can access our central database via our website or telephone helpline and search according to their skills, interests, location and time available.

To stimulate more Jewish people to volunteer by promoting the notion of action and social action among potential volunteers across all ages and right across the community.

To enable every Jewish volunteer-involving organisation to enhance the engagement of volunteers in its work.

To find out more please visit www.jvn.org.uk