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Jewish Blind & Disabled



A diagnosis of disability can feel like a sentence to a life of dependence and consequent loss of self-worth. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only Jewish charity dedicated to enabling people who have physical disabilities or impaired vision to live independently with the dignity and choice that are so easy for others to take for granted.


Those benefitting from living in our state-of-the-art mobility apartments range from their early 20’s and encompass a wide spectrum of disabilities including multiple sclerosis, Huntingdon’s Disease, cerebral palsy and accident victims as well as impaired vision and those disabilities that come with age. This year we are looking forward to breaking ground on our newest building of 19 apartments in Bushey Heath enabling us to transform the lives of even more people who have no other organisation to whom they can turn.

Nearly 50 years of experience means that every aspect of each of our buildings is planned with unparalleled attention to detail. In addition the security of house managers being on call and on-site 24 hours a day/seven days a week means that both tenants and their families can relax safe in the knowledge that support is always on hand if required.

As a completely independent charity that does not receive any government funding we are so very grateful for your support.

To find out more go to www.jbd.org