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Israeli Dance Institute


The Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) is a unique charity promoting Jewish identity based on a connection to Israel.



  • Supports dance teachers, school teachers and youth leaders
  • Promotes dance for children
  • Organises special dancing events – workshops, courses, and concerts
  • Runs performing dance troupes
  • Provides learning resources

Israeli Dance is a unique emotive educational tool providing a gateway to Jewish continuity. IDI works with more than 20 Jewish schools and youth organisations in the UK impacting on more than 4,000 children but also with Jewish communities which are emerging or are still in distress, especially in Eastern Europe. Our training seminars train teachers who work with some 18,000 children worldwide.

Our performing troupes provide a community outreach function, introducing many thousands of people each year from across the UK to the vibrant nature of Israeli and Jewish dance.