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Hamifal Educational Children's Homes is a national nonprofit organization, founded in 1943 by the late Mrs. Recha Frier (who established Youth Aliya, and received the "Israel Prize" for her work) to care for, education and rehabilitate children, aged 3-18, who come from extremely deprived backgrounds. Today, Hamifal cares for approximately 950 children at-risk, with normal intellectual potential, in seven Children's Villages, six Family Group Homes and after-school care centers in three of the Children's Villages. Some of these children are orphans, others are immigrants (or the children of immigrants), and all have suffered from either and/or neglect, abandonment, rejection, malnourishment, physical, sexual, emotional abuse, or economic deprivation in their biological homes. Moreover, we absorb approximately 120 new children/youth each year.


 The philosophy of Hamifal is based on the assumption that children from high-risk backgrounds should have an equal opportunity for a normal childhood, living in a secure and stable family environment like every other child. Hamifal's main aim is to enable children with acute family problems to find their way into a nurturing educational environment, through a unique educational family model. This model combines family life and a progressive educational framework, which has been designed to meet their emotional and developmental needs.

Hamifal is a nation-wide organization, which provides these children with a unique educational and rehabilitative framework, and the opportunity of a normal childhood, with a caring home, and the support and stability that enable them to finish school and reach their full potential.

Hamifal's Homes/Villages combine a residential framework and a Family Unit, aspiring to answer to the special mental and emotional needs these children have. Hamifal provides its children with a substitute family environment, based on the Family Unit Model, according to which 11-12 children in various ages are living together with a married couple and their own children. The married couples are members of the permanent staff and act as foster parents.

Hamifal's Children's Villages include several Family Units, each having their own seperate lodging which include bedrooms and lavatories for all children, kitchenette, living room and dining room. Such placement allows the families to run a normal life, which also includes having its children attend regular schools of the community. Each framework has its own manager, its own therapeutic team (psychologist, social worker, art therapist, etc.) and its own educational team (special ed. teachers, enrichment class teachers, etc.). In most cases, 8 Family Units become a Children's Village, whereas one Family Unit stationed in a Kibbutz, Moshav or city, is regarded as a Family Group Home.

Hamifal supplies these children with their basic needs (room, board, clothing), education, and the extra support they may need. This includes tutoring, extra-curricular activities, dental care, and other health essential requirements not covered by the national health care system (psychotherapy, meetings with a social worker, speech therapy, art therapy, etc).

In order to help these children, overcome their emotional burdens and their educational difficulties Hamifal continues with its ongoing supportive educational, social and therapeutic activities, thanks to the annual budget Hamifal receives from the Ministry of Education (for the very basic needs) and other foundations and donors from Israel and abroad.

To find out more go to www.hamifal.org.il/en