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GIFT's mission is to inspire the next generation to become givers through dynamic education, impactful volunteering and helping others.


GIFT runs hundreds of education sessions in schools and communities across London, Manchester and Jerusalem whilst facilitating a number of volunteering opportunities that are hugely beneficial to those disadvantaged in the community.

Please run for GIFT at the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run 2019 and help GIFT continue our vital service for the community, helping hundreds of disadvantaged families receive vital food and volunteer support, inspiring thousands of hours of volunteering and acts of kindness and educating hundreds of school children to be the guardians of giving in our community.

In 2018 GIFT achieved:

  • 907 education sessions with 27,195 attendees.
  • 45,646 hours of volunteering and the delivery of 23,237 food and support parcels
  • 13,988 volunteer visits to disadvantaged families, care homes and hospitals.
  • 284 food bank packathons with over 8000 attendees.
  • 9880 support parcel delivery stops made by GIFT volunteer drivers.
  • 595 full GIFT Boxes - kosher food generously donated by the community.
  • The distribution of 2600 free chickens to GIFT beneficiaries*
  • 6000 Israeli volunteers matched with Israeli charities
  • 800 participants educated through the GIFT Supermarket Challenge


For more info contact Roxanne@jgift.org or 07949 031 805

*with anonymous thanks to Kosher Deli and the London Board for Scechita