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FZY are the oldest and largest Jewish, Zionist Youth Movement in the UK. Founded in 1920 FZY have three core ideologies. Zionism, Judaism and Pluralism. All our programming operates under a pluralist framework, allowing us to learn, educate and celebrate the similarities and differences, we as Jews hold. 



The FZY movement journey starts at Year 7-8 (11-13 years old) with Weekly groups in Manchester, Leeds and London. These groups culminate in Ofek Summer Camp. Following that we have weekly programmes for Year 9-11, with year 9-10 participating in Kesher Summer Camp and Year 11 spending the summer with us on Israel Tour. Following Israel tour our young members have a variety of choices in sixth form. These options are known as Kedma. The Hadracha Leadership course is a two year course that sees our young leaders learning the basic skills to become Madrichim on our camps, tour and other programmes. Netina is a social action trip we run, where we take a group of volunteers out to Ghana to run a Youth Village. Alongside this we are also the European partners for Diller Teen Fellows, an esteemed leadership programme with communities from Israel and all over the world based around a number of shabbatonim and an Israel Seminar in the summer of year 12. Following Sixth form our members have the opportunity to experience their gap year on FZY Year Course, a semi-structured gap year programme in Israel based in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but also including a number of optional trips and a special interest month. Year Course enables our members to learn and live in Israel whilst being at one with Israel Culture (Tarbut). We also offer a number of programmes for our Bogrim (University Students). Including; Bogrim Seminar in Europe, the opportunity to be Madricihm, (either in the UK, Israel, America, Ghana to name just a few), and Livnot, a programme that allows you to develop your opinions on Israel, Zionism and Jewish identity, sharing and reflecting critically on current issues, within a social and informal environment.

Our online publication The Young Zionist, (previously a printed magazine), covers a range of topics to do with Israeli and Jewish politics, events, culture and history. Editors of The YZ have included Israeli Foreign Minister (1966-74), Abba Eban and Israeli President (1983-93), Chaim Herzog.

With thousands of people experiencing Israel with FZY, learning about their Jewish routes and being in an accepting, inviting and celebrating, pluralist environment, we look forward to seeing you and your children on our programmes in years to come!


To find out more go to www.fzy.org.uk