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Eden Primary School


Eden Primary School is an inclusive state primary school with a cross-communal Jewish ethos that accepts children from across the spectrum of Jewish belief and beyond on an equal basis. Enabling every child to develop their true potential by recognising and meeting their individual needsin an inclusive school, creating a caring and creative environment, fostering a love of learning and helping each child play an active and responsible role in their community are key values for Eden Primary.


We value academic excellence achieved through an innovative curriculum integrating Jewish and general studies with high expectations of achievement for all children. We use Jewish teaching as a source of inspiration and knowledge, while promoting respect, understanding and positive relations across the Jewish and wider community so that children of different backgrounds and beliefs learn from diversity and difference and value one another. Eden Primary fosters a love for nature, the environment and outdoor activity so that the children develop self-confidence and learn how to enjoy, protect and take responsibility for the world around them.


Eden Primary welcomes children from all Jewish communities. We believe that the future of the Jewish community in the UK lies in mutual trust, recognition and understanding between the various Jewish denominations. That understanding begins with our children. We recognise that Judaism contains difference communities. We do not try to make them one. Instead, we give our pupils a Jewish education acceptable to all groups and each child's background is respected and supported. We are independent of all Jewish religious authorities, but work positively and productively with them, welcoming visits from all denominations.


Eden Primary warmly welcomes children from all backgrounds on an equal basis. Jewish teaching imbues the life of the school, but it is teaching that will be accessible and valuable for all. It is about consideration, charity, respect, good deeds, history and stories- things that benefit everybody and are universal values. All our children are included in Jewish activities such as learning about festivals and speaking modern Hebrew, as well as activities relating to other religions and cultures. Our belief is that a Jewish identity can flourish in a multi-cultural context, or vice versa. All the children will also learn about other faiths and cultures too. The individual faiths and backgrounds of every child are respected equally, and all are encouraged to share their own personal and family practices with their friends. We believe that the more variety in our school, the more there is for the children to learn.


Being a part of Eden Primary school provides our children with the knowledge of Judaism and other faiths, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, adding to the store of experiences that they collect as they grow up.



To find out more go to www.edenprimary.org.uk