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Arts Therapies for Children


Arts Therapies for Children (ATFC) was set up as a registered charity in 2016 following a there year pilot scheme at one of Europe's largest Jewish Primary Schools. The idea beihnd ATFC is to provide children who have emotional or behavioural difficulties, Art or Play therapy at their school. The reason why we like to provide the therapy at school is so that the therapist can work with children's parents and teachers to support a child as much as possible, in an environment they feel safe in. Children seem to love Art therapy, as it provides them with a time and space to express themslves and feel emotionally supported. 


Why support ATFC?

There are many children in every school who are going through a very difficult time in their lives; maybe their parents have got divorced, or they have lost someone they love, or are feeling very angry or sad, and they urgently need someone to talk to who can help them. ATFC therapists are very experienced at working with children, and are qualified to support children when they need it most. 


How much does it cost ATFC to provide the service they do?

Every session of therapy costs £50 and each child gets 30 sessions of therapy which means that to support one child costs ATFC £1500 per year. At the moment ATFC supports 40 across 10 primary schools every week, which means that they need to raise £60,000 per year just to support the children they are currently working with. Because ATFC has been so succesful, they now have at least another 20 children on their waiting lists who urgently require therapy, which means ATFC have to raise an extra £30,000.


How can you help?

  • You can donate new Art materials you don't use that children can use in Art therapy. E.g. paper, paints, glitter, glue, pencils, etc.
  • If you can raise £50 as a class it will pay for one child to receive one session of therapy.
  • If you can raise £250 as a class it will pay for one child to receive five sessions of therapy.
  • If you can raise 31500 as a school it will pay for one child to receive a years' worth of therapy.


"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" Frederick Douglass


To find out more go to www.arttherapies.org.uk