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Aish UK is one of the country's leading informal educational organisations helping young Jews to stay connected, committed and inspired by Jewish wisdom and the Jewish community, to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people.


Aish offers a variety of social and educational programmes, trips and Shabbat experiences, providing young British Jews with a vital support network for their own personal Jewish journeys - from when they are about to leave home, until they build their own home.


Aish operate extensively across the UK, including 8 full time branches and provides educational opportunities at over 18 schools, UK university campuses, and with students and young professionals in London, Essex and Manchester. 


Whatever your background, whatever your beliefs, we look forward to welcoming you to join the discussion, the debate and the fun!


For more information about Aish UK and how you can get involved, please contact us on info@aish.org.uk or call 020 8457 4444.


To find out more go to www.aish.org.uk